KN95-certified masks

KN95-certified masks

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N95 respirator

Prevent germs and PM2.5 particles

N95 is one of nine NIOSH certified dust masks. N means the material is suitable for filtering non-oily dust only, and 95 means the filter is at least 95% effective.

 Product characteristics

1. P3 filter material is adopted, which is the N95 filtration standard of the United States, and the filtration effect is more than 95%;

 2. Prevent non-oil particles, including: welding and grinding particles, fiber, rock wool, cotton dust, brick and tile debris, livestock, grain, heavy metal steam, wood powder, chemical powder, tablet powder, hospital yuan ran dye

 3. Separate packaging, wearing breathing valve is conducive to smooth breathing

 4. High filtration effect and low respiratory resistance

 5. High compatibility, wide field of vision, no influence on wearing earmuffs, glasses, etc

 6. Very stylish and beautiful.

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